Monday, July 15, 2013

The Heart of Leadership – Coming Soon!

I’ve shared this story before, but it is so perfect, I want to use it again… Many years ago, Peter Drucker was asked about which of his many books was his favorite. His response, “The next one.” On the eve of the release of my new book, The Heart of Leadership, I understand his comment completely.heart of leadership

As I thought about how to explain my enthusiasm, I decided to share the following from the book’s introduction.

Have you ever noticed how many books are written to help leaders improve? As many books as there are out there focused on helping leaders enhance their skills, there are far fewer written to help the leader with the all-important self-work—the part on the inside. That’s why I’m excited about this book.

I’ll let you in on a little-discussed fact about leadership: As important as the skills are, lack of skills is not what derails most leaders; skills are easy to learn. If you want to predict people’s ultimate success as leaders, evaluate not their skills but their leadership character.

The challenge of growing our leadership character 
is complicated by a lack of clarity as to what we’re actually discussing when the term is used. Ask people what character traits they look for in leaders, and I’m guessing they will probably name attributes like integrity, honesty, and, perhaps, loyalty. These alone are not a great answer. Don’t get me wrong—these are fine traits, but they are totally inadequate when describing leadership character.

The best leaders must certainly be honest and have integrity, but we expect these qualities from everyone
 in our organizations. There are additional traits that set leaders apart. This book is about identifying and developing leadership character. When these traits are evident—and a leader possesses the requisite leadership skills—you find people eager to follow.

So, why is a book like this necessary? This book is intended to help leaders and aspiring leaders strengthen their leadership character, and, as a consequence, position themselves for greater opportunity, influence, and impact. For some of you, the ideas in this book may help transform your leadership and unlock opportunities as you’ve never imagined. It might even change your life.

If you and I can embrace and cultivate the leadership character traits outlined in this simple story, and master the skills needed to lead, our organizations will soar. It will require both—character and skills. Let’s begin the hard part today: leadership character first.

The Heart of Leadership will be available in October 2013. You can pre-order your copy today by clicking here.

As with all my books, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

For those interested, I’ll go deeper on the core ideas in the book over the coming weeks in a series entitled The Heart of Leadership.

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  1. It’s about time! This book will no doubt make a huge difference in so many lives and organizations.

    - Dan Forbes
    • Thank you, Dan. Thanks for helping me get the word out about the book! Mark

  2. Way to go!

    - Timothy Lynn Burchfield
  3. Hi Mark, I am a recovering person. Been sober and clean 29 years and counting recovering from a terminal, chronic, progressive disease.

    The 12 Step Movemment according to Time Magazine is one of the most significant contributions to Humanity in the last 100 years.

    There are over 300 12 Step groups now and million and millions of people have helped themselves following these simple Steps. 50% of Americans have had their lives touched with Alcoholism, that is 150 million PLUS folks.

    Has anyone, and guess you too Mark ever looked at this Human Solution as it relates to Leadership?

    I mean if you look at the stats and look at how many the 12 Steps have helped it is like the wet part of the ocean.

    One does not have to be addicted to alcohol or other drugs to benefit, just put EGO in the first Step.

    I am powerless over Ego and my life in unmanageable. Simple….not easy, simple.

    Just curious if a Leader such as yourself has ever thought about this? Effecting half the population of America and no one talking aboiut how it relates to folks and Leadership? Isn’t that kinda silly? Effects HALF of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you do not have contempt prior to investigation and ponder what I am asking.

    The 12 Steps are not a theory and works for everyone, everytime if they follow the suggestions. The only time they do not work is if they are not followed.

    The other thing is according to Gallop about 10 days ago 70% of folks in America leave their jobs everyday feeling no one at works cares about them. Sorry but we as Leaders STINK! Ok only if you agree with me 3 out of 10 is PRETTY LAME! If not you must be a pro baseball player cause that is the only place those results make you a Superstar.

    There is a company making money hand over fist AND 72% of their team mates love working there.

    Ok so is that a 180 degree difference or thereabouts? If so how come this is not being yelled from every rooftop in America from every Leader hoping to write books and help people? How? Ok they might not know about it, YET!!!!!!

    So you ever gonna share with the folks your megaphone reaches about Truly Human Leadership being practiced at Barry Wehmiller?

    Their mission is to make better people. How is that not something everyone you can share with ought to hear about from you? Got a video on their website called, “We Make Great Moms”! How cool is that?

    They even created this thing called Barry Wehmiller University where people can go and take classes to learn People Centric Leadership they use at Barry Wehmiller! Google it!

    The kind of fella I think you are after reading your book, The Secret of Teams, you seem to me to be the kind of fella who will look into this and share accordingly. Hoping so!

    Miracles do happen everyday! We just do not understand the correct definition, something that does not regularly occur.

    If 70% of Americans hate their jobs and leave work unfulfilled and 72% of Barry Wehmiller team mates feel appreciated and love their jobs isn’t that something you want to share? Isn’t what they are doing at Barry Wehmiller a Miracle? Not regularly occuring at other businesses in America, right? Go see what this Miracle is all about!

    Great video about Bob Chapman and his Leadership Journey called Defining Moments…… on YouTube

    Hope if you know nothing about him you take an hour and 9 minutes to find out.

    Thanks, Scott

    - Scott
    • Scott, first – congratulations on 29 years! Regarding the 12-step program for leaders, there may be an application. I did participate with Ken Blanchard in an EGOs anonymous session a few years ago. In that setting, each of us took turns telling how our ego negatively impacted our leadership – it was powerful. Thanks for sharing the tip on Barry Wehmiller and Truly Human Leadership. I’ll do some research and learn more. Finally, thanks for joining the conversation. The vision for Great Leaders Serve has always been to create forum for leaders to share, grow and learn how to serve even better. Your contributions matter! Mark

  4. I’ve been looking forward to this book all year! Can’t wait for our team to read it soon.

    - Ricky Escobar
  5. I just just placed my pre-order for a digital copy and can’t wait to share this as a part of our leadership development at Cobb. Thanks Mark!

    - Rob Gunter
  6. I’ve had the release date on my calendar since I found out about this, Mark. Can’t wait to check it out!

    - Nathan Magnuson